About Natural Clinician And Our Founder

Natural Clinician was founded by Stephen Holt MD, DSc, ten years ago with a view to producing evidence-based dietary supplements with condition specific applications.  The company has produced dietary supplements that have been most popular in professional clinical practice, but recently the product line has been popularized in retail sales.  The company has produced more than 30 different skus of evidence-based dietary supplements and has developed a reliable reputation for advance formulation used for private label customers.  


Dr. Stephen Holt MD, DSc is a best-selling author and medical practitioner in New York. He has been described as a visionary, a pioneer of Integrative Medicine and he is world-renowned for his work on therapeutics with nutrition and dietary supplements. He is a frequent guest lecturer at medical conferences. 

For many years, Dr. Holt has developed management pathways for several public health initiatives, with an emphasis on lifestyle changes and nutritional interventions. He believes that healthcare should be portable, widely available and free for children and the elderly. Given the major pressure on Dr. Holt’s time as an international lecturer and so forth, he restricts his patient care to referrals only from other doctors. 

Dr. Holt’s principal training has been in allopathic medicine, but he has charted new treatment paradigms using natural medicines. He believes in the concept of “medical pluralism”, where many different medical disciplines come together to provide holistic healthcare. Dr. Holt supports the practice of many forms of medicine including: chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, podiatric medicine, homeopathic medicine, as well as traditional medical disciplines that offer many alternative strategies for health maintenance. 

He is an author of more than 25 books in the popular healthcare field and he has also contributed chapters and many articles to peer-reviewed medical textbooks and journals. As well as publishing hundreds of scientific articles in leading medical journals, Dr. Holt has been cited thousands of times in the medical and lay press. 

Dr. Holt holds American Board certification in nutrition, gastroenterology and internal medicine. He has practiced clinical medicine for four decades. Dr. Holt has held the rank of full professor of medicine and bioengineering adjunct for many years and he has received awards for medical teaching and research.  He has served as a visiting Professor on an international basis. He now holds the highest academic rank as a Distinguished Professor of Medicine (Emeritus).