Advantra Z is the natural safe alternative to ephedra, which was the most successful weight loss supplement product in the entire history of the dietary supplement industry, on a worldwide basis. The advantages of Advantra Z are clear in peer review medical literature where promising efficacy in the sphere of adjunctive use in weight control and aerobic fitness are quite apparent. Advantra Z is thermogenic, with muscle supporting functions and it is energizing. Recent research at university centers of excellence shows that Advantra Z increases the thermal effect of food. No other supplement has demonstrated this phenomenon in a recent or direct manner. Advantra Z has been a valued component of mixed formulations in the dietary supplement industry for a period of more than a decade. It has a history of exceptional consumer satisfaction and it has not been implicated directly in any circumstances of significant cardiovascular side effects.
Many weight loss supplements carry promises of efficacy without the provision of research information. In contrast, Advantra Z has a long history of precedent of safety and effectiveness, with an accolade of published information. The product is a specific patented derivative of citrus aurantium which is clearly superior to other forms of citrus aurantium, by virtue of its standardization of amines. Advantra Z has comprised mixed formulations in many million unit dosages over the past decade and its use has been documented in a new book by Stephen Holt MD, entitled “Peel off the Weight” (

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