Nutritional Support for Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine

Stephen Holt, MD, LLD(Hon.) ChB., PhD, DNM, FRCP (C), MRCP (UK), FACP, FACG, FACN, FACAM, OSJ, Distinguished Professor of Medicine

Natural Medicine has found favor in medical spas and anti-aging practices that focus on beauty and physical appearance. The concept of “inner beauty” has emerged with great strength as modern science defines increasingly the importance of general body health as the key determinant of a youthful, attractive appearance. Oral supplements are quite complementary and perhaps more effective than natural substances used in topical formats. These circumstances have led to advanced nutraceutical technology that has created a range of “beautyceuticals” that are delivered in oral or topical format. The value of REDOX balanced antioxidant treatments is more apparent when antioxidants are given systemically, rather than when they are administered by topical means. Signs of skin aging are promoted by oxidative stress and amplified by physical insults such as excessive sunlight exposure and substance abuse. Carefully defined synergistic formulations of nutrients and botanicals that support skin, hair and nail structure and function are available in innovative nutraceutical formulations. Botanicals, such as Polypodium, have found a special role in the protection of the skin from UV radiation. There is extensive use of thalassotherapy, with the application of topical and oral seaweed-based products. Marine nutrients have been used in body-sculpting and supplements for weight control. Fucoxanthin is a powerful antioxidant found in certain seaweeds. This substance promotes the oxidation of fat by increasing Uncoupling Protein-1 (UCP-1) in white adipose tissue (thermogenesis); and it increases omega-3 fatty acid synthesis in the liver, while exerting important upregulation of glucose transporter 4 mRNA expression of L-6 myotubes, thereby controlling glucose uptake in muscles. These biochemical effects are valuable in the reversal of abnormal metabolism found in the Metabolic Syndrome X which is often present in mature females who seek aesthetic, medical interventions. Anti-aging medicine has incorporated many aesthetic procedures which cause iatrogenic trauma. The use of homeopathic Arnica and supporting nutrients to accelerate wound healing or trauma recovery following aesthetic procedures is now a very important intervention in recuperative medicine. Many individuals seeking aesthetic interventions have engaged in forced dietary restrictions which result in occult malnutrition. Correction of general nutritional deficiencies in individuals who seek surgical or laser techniques is very important and often overlooked in clinical practice. Many patients benefit from multivitamins combined in whole vegetable, fruit, greens and berry powders that contain important phytochemicals. Innovative technology exists for the systemic renewal and replenishment of collagen in the skin, by using synergistic formulations that include hyaluronic acid. The role of body cleansing in aesthetic medicine has become evidence-based when combined with positive lifestyle change including the restoration of restful sleep, aerobic exercise and good general nutrition. Modern concepts embrace the notion that “beauty lies within the body.”


To discuss the orle of nutrition and natural medicine in the support of anti-aging medicine with special focus on aesthetic procedures
To review the evidence-base for specific nutrients or botanicals in the support and anti-aging and aesthetic medicine
To provide evidence-based examples of intervention that have been supported in peer-review medical literature


Attendees at this presentation will have developed an understanding of an evidence-based nutritional and botanical approach for the complementary management of medical aesthetic that are used in the practice of recuperative medicine
Attendees will be give n the most recent information on innovative nutritional or botanical approaches for the promotion of a youthful appearance
Attendees will understand the importance of the promotion of general body health aesthetic medical practice by understanding the concepts of “beauty from within the boyd”

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