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Stephen Holt’s Global Crusade to End Diabetes Now!

Stephen Holt’s Global Crusade to End Diabetes Now “A new human subspecies Homo sapiens pancia prominente, which translates roughly into the potbelly human, has been discovered,” Dr. Stephen Holt says, only half joking. “This mutant human strain appears to have evolved in response to a diet of highly processed foods, absence of optimal nutrition, lack […]

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Diabetes Mellitus

DIABETES MELLITUS STEPHEN HOLT, M.D. LLD(Hon.) ChB., PhD, ND, FRCP (C) (Internal Medicine), FRCP (C) (Gastroenterology) MRCP (UK), FACP, FACG, FACN, FACAM, OSJ Introduction Diabetes mellitus affects approximately 6% of the US population and its occurrence is increasing in incidence at an alarming rate. Many of the 16 million Americans who have diabetes are unaware […]

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