Clinical Colon Cleansing™

Epidemiological studies show that bowel habit is of variable frequency and stool consistency, in healthy people. That said, recent observations in natural medicine imply that there may be benefits from the act of the assisted exodus of stool (colon cleansing) in selected individuals, at least in terms of a sense of wellbeing. Significant change of bowel habit in an individual over the age of 40 years is colon cancer, until proven otherwise.

Modern conventional medicine has tended to deny the phenomenon of “autointoxication” where the colon is viewed as a reservoir of toxic byproducts that may promote ill health. There is no doubt that the colon has absorptive capacity and the excessive residence time of stool may lead to circumstances of stool putrefaction, to a variable degree. Constipation may be considered arguably to be present in an individual who does not open their bowels more than once in an every three-day period, on a continuing basis. This circumstance results in discomfort,
but the health challenges of chronic constipation have not been well defined, except in socio-behavioral medicine.

Constipation conjures up the idea that the bowel may be lazy, but “spastic”, hyperactivity of the bowel can also result in constipation, as can obstructed defecation as a result of abnormal function of pelvic floor and anal musculature. The latter problem may respond variably to fiber supplementation and squatting postures during defecation. Absolute constipation is a medical emergency (intestinal obstruction).

There have been a series of interesting observations, which require more research, that imply that regular “colon cleansing” may permit a “degree of body detoxification” and even assist in the promotion of heavy metal elimination, along with other potential colonic toxins. There are large numbers of chemicals or metabolic products present or produced in the digesta, including food additives, nutrients, organochemicals, bile acids or derivatives and free radicals – to name a few. In the presence of gut disease, different chemicals or products are produced, such as reactive nitrogen species and modified proteins that can act as potential allergens. Conventional medicine continues to question the absorbability of “colonic toxins”, without acknowledging the active linings of the colon and its rich blood supply that makes this organ capable of absorbing many substances, especially in the presence of diseases that enhance colonic absorptive capacity.

The act of cleansing the colon of its contents may be a valuable intervention, but it must not be undertaken without careful consideration of many other factors that balance the harmony of the digestive tract. Such factors include the availability of digestive enzymes and healthy bacteria, which have far-reaching, health giving properties (see CLINICAL DIGESTION™). In addition, the value of nutrient support for intestinal linings is often underestimated (see CLINICAL DIGESTION™ and see CLINICAL EPA/DHA FORTE™).

Significant change in bowel habit in mature individuals must involve clinical interventions for the secondary prevention of colon cancer. Colon cleansing in modern alternative medicine practice does not involve the use of harsh purgatives, except in special, infrequent circumstances. There are many overt “abusers” of harsh laxatives who have made their constipation worse by inducing colon damage (cathartic colon).
Colon hydrotherapy may be of value in selected circumstances.

The ideal colon cleansing supplement has a gentle action in facilitating stool evacuation by assisted osmotic means, combined with cleansing botanicals, Ayurvedic herbs, antioxidant contributions to the digesta (bowel contents) and the absence of strong purgatives. The process of colon cleansing involves positive lifestyle change, including attempts to reach recommended daily intakes of fiber and fluid intake. With these principles in mind, Clinical Colon Cleansing™ is a 28 Nutritional Support Pathways for the Natural Clinician holistic dietary supplement formulation to support the actions of bowel function and structure. Clinical Colon Cleansing™ contains a versatile selection of botanicals and nutrients including:
Artichoke Leaf, Ashwagandha Root, Beet Leaf, Burdock Root, Chlorella Algae, Corn Silk, Dandelion Root, Arabinogalactans (Larch Gum), Milk Thistle (Silymarin), Mullein Leaf, Red Clover Flowers, Turmeric Root, Aloe Vera Concentrate, Rhubarb Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Fennel Seed, Ginger Root, Triphala (a blend of Terminalia bellerica, Terminalia chebula & Embilica officinalis), Magnesium (Oxide/Hydroxide), L-Glutamine, and Fish Oil (Omega3 Fatty Acids).