Clinical Osteoporosis Support™

Clinical Osteoporosis Support™ is a dietary supplement to support bone structure and function. This dietary supplement is focused on comprehensive nutritional support, using principles of protomorphogenesis plus bone-boosting agents; and it is one component of a holistic plan to provide nutritional support for the structure and functions of bones. Combat against osteoporosis is part of “the Antiporosis Plan”. This plan
consists of: Public education, Positive lifestyle change, Physical Activity, Bone Density Screening, Bone Boosting Diet, Injury Prevention, Risk Factor Assessment, and dietary supplements e.g. Clinical Osteoporosis Support™. Drugs for osteoporosis treatment should be applied where indicated.


Many dietary supplements for bone building have focused on one or two known, bone-building, natural substances and are incomplete in their formulation. Some use calcium alone, some use ipriflavone alone and some use general mineral formulae. These approaches have been superseded in modern nutraceutical technology by the use of synergy (additive effects of combined nutrients, botanicals or herbs).

The advanced, synergistic formulation of Clinical Osteoporosis Support™ contains 1500mg of specially prepared, eggshell calcium (Nature’s Calcium™). This form of calcium contains at least 18 desirable trace elements in addition to calcium, including Mg, S, Si and Boron. Controlled trials of eggshell calcium show measurable increases in bone density in post-menopausal females over a period of one year, with
superior effects over placebo or calcium carbonate (Schaafsma et al, British Journal of Nutrition, 87, 3, 267-275, 2002).

Calcium is most effective when combined with Vitamin D3. Magnesium is mandatory for bone building and magnesium deficiency is associated with tissue resistance to the actions of Vitamin D3 and parathyroid hormone. Clinical Osteoporosis Support™ delivers calcium and magnesium in
a 2:1 ratio. Several trace elements are important in bone structure and formation of calcium matrices, including: silicon, boron, manganese, copper, zinc and strontium. The importance of strontium in bone building has been highlighted in recent research. These trace elements are variable components of Clinical Osteoporosis Support™.

Research has shown a definite link between elevated levels of blood homocysteine and osteoporosis. Vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid are part of Clinical Osteoporosis Support™, in order to help promote a healthy blood homocysteine level. Antioxidant actions are important in bone structure and mineralization e.g. vitamin C, curcuminoids and isoflavones.

While a wide range of minerals and vitamins are necessary in an optimal bone-supporting supplement, bone-boosting botanical extracts or derivatives have an evidence-base for use in supporting bone structure and function. Diets supplemented with soy protein containing isoflavones are a variably effective way of preventing post-menopausal bone loss, by inhibition of osteoclastic activity and other mechanisms. Bone density measurements in prospective clinical studies show an ability of soy isoflavones and ipriflavone (a flavonoid) to help improve bone density. There are several human clinical trials showing favorable effects of ipriflavone as a safe, bone builder and ipriflavone has prescription status for use as a drug in several countries. In the U.S., ipriflavone is available as a dietary supplement and it is used in Clinical Osteoporosis Support™. This description does not imply treatment claims.


Many drugs that are used in the treatments of established osteoporosis have onerous side effects (e.g. bisphosphonates, NSAID etc.). It is never too early or too late to consider a combat against osteoporosis, but prevention is the key initiative. While osteoporosis is more frequent in women than men, the clinical outcome of thin bones is more devastating in men than women. Peak bone mass occurs in females around the
age of 34 years and from this point onwards, bone density is “often downhill”. Nutrient deficiency in children contributes to osteoporosis in adults, especially lifelong calcium deficiency. Clinical Osteoporosis Support ™ is for use in mature adults. Bone care and the prevention of osteoporosis involve holistic medical approaches.