Clinical Prostate Support™

Enlargement of the prostate is almost inevitable in mature men and it can contribute to poor sexual function (see CHAPTER 13: CLINICAL LIBIDO™). Symptoms of enlarged prostate include frequent urination and poor urinary stream. It is important to rule out prostate cancer as a possible cause of these symptoms.

The use of appropriate diet, lifestyle and supplement choices have emerged as valuable options for maintaining healthy prostate structure and function. These nutritional principles include the restriction of simple sugars in the diet, the drinking of alcohol in moderate amounts and the avoidance of smoking. The role of excessive protein and saturated fat intake in the diet as a cause of prostate cancer remains debatable,
but much evidence has suggested that the enhancement of vegetable protein intake, e.g., soy, is highly beneficial for prostate health.

Clear evidence exists that several nutritional and botanical agents can be beneficial to prostate health. The nutritional support of prostate structure and function is achieving an evidence-base. There is a wide range of dietary supplements purported to promote prostatic health, but many of these dietary supplements do not contain a sufficient amount or range of beneficial natural substances for the support of prostatic
structure and function.

Well-formulated products for prostate health should contain a complete and versatile combination of natural substances, including botanicals, herbs and nutrients that have a basis for use as nutritional support for a healthy prostate.

These concepts are the basis of the complex formula of Clinical Prostate Support™.

With more than 30 natural ingredients, Clinical Prostate Support™ is versatile in its array of botanicals, herbs and nutrients that have a variable scientific basis for use as nutritional support for a healthy prostate. Clinical Prostate Support™ contains: Saw Palmetto 45% fatty acids (320mg), Nettle Leaves (200mg), Pygeum Africanum (100mg), Pumpkin Seed (100mg), Beta Sitosterol Complex (100mg), Ginger Root (10mg), Lycopene (2mg), L-Alanine, L-Glycine, L-Glutamic Acid, Isoflavones (20mg ), Vitamin E (30 IU 100%), Zinc (Amino Acid Chelate (30mg), Vitamin A (Acetate) 1000 IU (20%), Vitamin C (12mg) 20%, Vitamin D3 (80IU) 20%, Vitamin K (6mg) 7%, Vitamin B-1 (0.3mg) 20%, Vitamin B2 (0.34mg) 20%, Niacinamide (4mg) 20%, Vitamin B6 (0.4mg) 20%, Folic Acid (80mcg) 20%, Vitamin B12 (2mcg) 33%, Biotin (6mg) 2%, Pantothenic (2mg) 20%, Calcium (Carbonate)(32.4mg) 3%, Magnesium (20mg) 5%, Potassium (16mg) 1%, Iodine (30mcg) 20%, Copper (400mcg) 20%, Manganese (400mcg) 20%, Boron (30mcg), Selenium (4mcg) 6%, Chromium (24mcg) 6%, Molybdenum (15mcg) and Vanadium (2mcg).