Clinical Stem Cell Support™

There is synergy among nutrients, herbals and botanicals in the mobilization of Adult Stem Cells (ASC). These reparative stem cells may be recruited by damaged or ailing tissues. It seems prudent to conclude that the use of a single stem cell mobilizing factor alone, e.g. blue green algae, AFA, is not likely to be as effective as synergistic combinations of nutraceuticals. Cumulative scientific studies appear to support the use of more complex synergistic nutraceutical formulations, with greater potential functionality. These proposals supersede several existing approaches to the use of nutraceuticals to induce stem cell mobilization. Clinical Stem Cell Support T is a complex nutraceutical formulation that can be used in the nutritional support of stem cell functions and it provides antioxidant activity.

Clinical Stem Cell Support T contains: Fatty acids: linolenic and oleic acid, antioxidant protectors including anthocyanidins (blueberry and beet root), spirulina, green tea polyphenols, OPC and fucoxanthin, Key nutrient support with Vitamin D3 for cell proliferation and nutritional support of bone marrow function with Vitamin B12 and folate, Specific putative stem cell releasers are included, e.g. blue green algae or AFA, blueberry, Vitamin D3 and fucoidans.