Clinical Trauma & Procedure Recovery™

Clinical Trauma & Procedure RecoveryT (Arnica ForteT) is nutritional support for the normal body functions of skin and wound healing. It is a combination homeopathic product that does not contain dyes or toxins, or diarrhea inducing fillers that have been used in other Arnica based-formulations.

In several studies, (including randomized), controlled trials, homeopathic Arnica montana has been demonstrated to reduce bruising and swelling following different types of surgical intervention e.g. liposuction, plastic surgical procedures, most notably after face lift surgery. Many surgical cosmetic interventions cause unpleasant temporary injury and the issue of patient "downtime" is a major factor in acceptable cosmetic interventions that induce varying degrees of trauma. The Data Committee of the ASAPS has reviewed literature on homeopathic Arnica with an opinion that its use meets usual and customary standards of medical research. The review of these studies show that the homeopathic strength 30X is the optimum dosage level and this is used in Clinical Trauma & Procedure RecoveryT (Arnica ForteT).

There is a long history of the beneficial use of the enzyme Bromelain in the reduction of inflammation, rehabilitation of sports injuries and prevention of soft tissue swelling and bruising following soft tissue injury or surgery. The aggregate scientific data on Bromelain provide strong support for the use of Bromelain as nutritional support to enhance the normal body function of general healing. The correct dosage of Bromelain is around 100mg (containing approximately 2400 GDU). In Clinical Trauma & Procedure RecoveryT (Arnica ForteT), Bromelain is used as a very safe and effective adjunctive way of addressing issues of swelling, bruising and inflammation caused by trauma or post-operative tissue damage. Again, the reader is cautioned that these well-defined properties of homeopathic Arnica and Bromelain are not treatment claims, but they are viable statements of good scientific agreement for the use of these agents for nutritional support.

The product Clinical Trauma & Procedure RecoveryT (Arnica ForteT) can be used in many clinical circumstances of post-operative trauma with the need for only approximately one week of administration. In addition, this product has nutritional benefits in any context of soft tissue injury or trauma. Further additions to the formula under discussion are grape seed extract (95% OPC's, Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) and Rutin with Vitamin C. This combination of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids supports the structure and function of small blood vessels, in the product Clinical Trauma & Procedure RecoveryT (Arnica ForteT).