Obesity Management: Obesitis, Toxic Lipo Genesis, Thermogenesis and Syndrome X

Stephen Holt, MD, DSc, PhD, ND, LLD, et al., Distinguished Professor of Medicine (Emeritus), Scientific Advisor, www.naturalclinician.com

Obesity and Related diseases have become the most common causes of premature death and disability in industrialized nations. The metabolic Syndrome X goes hand in hand with an overweight status and it affects approximately 70 million individuals in the US. Syndrome X forms a unifying concept that explains modern chronic disease evolution (Syndrome X, Y, Z,…). Not only does Syndrome X underlie the cause of heart attack and stroke, it contributes to polycystic ovary syndrome, depressed immunity, liver disease, inflammatory disorders and Alzheimer’s disease… To name a few disorders. Over the past fifty years evidence has accrued that obesity is an inflammatory disorder which is driven by underlying oxidative stress. Recently, the role of environmental toxins (notably organo chemicals) in the alteration of energy and fat metabolism (toxic lipogenesis) has become apparent. This circumstance highlights the importance of body detoxification programs in obesity management. An added factor in the cause of the complexities of the obesity epidemic is wide spread sleeplessness among people in urban societies. These factors taken together underscore the need for more comprehensive and holistic interventions for weight control. The value of thermogensis in weight control has undergone renaissance interest as it appears possible to induce fat burning without excessive cardiovascular stimulation. Putative thermogenic agents include sea weed extracts, green tea and special extracts of citrus aurantium such as Advantra Z. It is clear that unitary approaches to obesity and related diseases are increasingly obsolete in clinical practice.

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