Prayer and Spirituality in Healing

After four decades of the practice, I have come to final realization that the body heals itself (termed Spontaneous Healing by A. Weil). This realization is clear in many forms of ancient medical training. As a “baby-boomer”, I was educated in medicine with the promises of the pharmaceutical revolution, without any question that this was the desired approach. These days, I practice Integrative Medicine that blends the conventional with the “alternative”. However, good nutritional practices following appropriate guidelines can be called “alternative” by anyone with a straight face.

I mention my own experiences because I was trained in clinical pharmacology an therapeutics (in addition to gastroenterology and internal medicine). So, it is an uncommon experience to witness my switch towards natural medicine, when I spent so much of my early career researching new drugs. Where does this rambling dialogue match with prayer and spirituality in healing?
I have stated that all medicine involves “belief systems” an there is no stronger belief system than religion. I do not discriminate against any religion, but I adopt Christianity. On many occasions, I am certain that I have witnessed the power of prayer in healing. The mechanism of this “power” has some obvious psychological explanations (e.g. mind-body interactions), but the ultimate healer is God. A physician is a facilitator.
I open this dialogue to spirituality which is underpinned by belief. Even touch can be healing (Touch Therapy). Absence of belief in the ailing or sick results in incomplete healing and sometimes a loss of the “will to live”.

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