Obesity has rapidly become the number one preventable cause of premature disability and death in Western society. Obesity related disease, including the metabolic Syndrome X, constitute conditions of premature aging. The global epidemic of obesity is recalcitrant to many attempts to control weight. Modern trends in weight management must include a multi-pronged clinical approach, with appropriate diet, positive lifestyle changes, behavior modification and aerobic exercise. Weight control programs should address the constellation of problems that occur within the framework of the metabolic Syndrome X and its’ far reaching potential to cause or contribute to many diseases including: cardiovascular disorders, stroke, cognitive decline or degenerative brain disease (Alzheimer’s), polycystic ovary syndrome, infertility, immune impairment, liver disease, inflammatory diseases and certain types of cancer.

Combined with a holistic weight management program, certain drugs and dietary supplements can be usefully applied in the management of obesity and its related diseases or disorders. A group of natural substances, including herbs, botanicals and nutrients, form a basis of nutritional factors for the management of the metabolic Syndrome X. A key anti-aging initiative involves calorie control of the diet which may promote longevity and weight control, provided that nutrient dense food is eaten. Calorie control of Western diets has been proposed as the most important priority in the dietary management of obesity, but compliance with diets or changing the eating habits of Western nations have proven to be monumental tasks. On the horizon, is the use of Hoodia gordonii as a non-stimulant, appetite suppressant. This succulent plant from South Africa is emerging as one of the most attractive dietary supplements for weight control. The secrets of this botanical may prove to be one of the most valuable adjunctive options for weight control and it may be one of the most important ethnobotanical discoveries of the 20th century.

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