A Primer of Natural Therapeutics: A Certification Program for Dietary Supplement Counselors

Stephen Holt, MD

A Certification Program for Individuals who wish to counsel on the use of dietary supplements (nutraceuticals). This book was written primarily for health enthusiasts, retail store or office staff to improve their knowledge and skills in counseling on the use of dietary supplements. However, clinicians seeking basic knowledge on supplements may benefit from this introductory course. This program is complemented by on-site educational resources at the Holt Institute of Medicine [NJ, USA], where training sessions can be scheduled for group learning.
At the end of the book is a Certification Examination that can be detached and mailed to “Dietary Supplement Counselor Certification Program,” Holt Institute of Medicine, 61 Stevens Ave, Little Falls, NJ 07424 (Tel (973) 890-2378). After the answer pages for the examination are completed, detached and mailed to the above address, an oral examination will be held by telephone or in person with Stephen Holt MD or a member of his personal staff. The oral exam will test general knowledge and skills on dietary supplements usage. Upon completion of these requirements, a certificate for a “Certified Dietary Supplement Counselor,” the Diploma of Dietary Supplement Counseling (Dip. DSC.), will be issued by the Holt Institute of Medicine,call (973) 256-4660.

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