Clinical Ocular Care (60 vegetable capsules)


Clinical Eye Care is nutritional support for eye structure and function.



The nutritional support of eye structure and function involves the use of ocular-specific antioxidants and nutrients

CLINICAL OCULAR CARE™ is a synergistic formulation which provides nutritional support for the maintenance of ocular health. Sev- eral nutrients are specific for the support of retinal structure and function

Ocular Care and Maintenance: Common Issues

Modern medicine has focused attention on the correction of damaged structures in the eye. Far more attention should be paid to the prevention of eye damage by simple, gentle and natural means. Damage to the eyes can be expected in many individuals with diabetes mellitus and much evidence exists that damage to the retina or lens of the eye is caused by oxidative damage. Given the epidemic of type 2 diabetes and the forerunner disorders of pre-diabetes or Metabolic Syn- drome X, physicians are considering nutritional support for eye health as a preventive medical strategy. It is never too early or too late to take steps to protect the precious gift of vision.

Age related declines in vision are quite common. Changes in the function and structure of eyes with maturing age may cause a common condition called “presbyopia,” a condition that is characterized by short- or long-sightedness. Other common causes of loss of vision include glaucoma (excess pressure in the eyeball), cataracts, diabetes mellitus and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). There are thirteen million adults in the US with AMD.

There are two types of AMD, one called “dry” and one called “wet.” The dry form of AMD is by far the more common of the two and accounts for about nine out of ten of all cases of AMD. This disorder is caused to a major degree by oxidative tissue damage and poor circulation in the special light-sensing area of the back of the eye (retina) called the macula. In dry AMD, spots of damaged tissue accumulate below the macula and cause distorted vision by damaging special cells that receive and process light. Oxidative damage also plays a major role in the progression of cata- racts and diabetes mellitus. Wet AMD is an angiogenic disease that may be approached with the judicious use of antiangiogenic agents such as CLINICAL ANTIANGIOGENESISTM as nutritional support.


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