Clinical Sleep

Clinical Sleep


60 capsules

Restore biorhythm



Approximately 100 million US citizens do not sleep well. Millions of unit dosages of the Clinical Sleep™, a holistic sleep formula have been used with consistent consumer satisfaction and no evidence of tolerance, hangover or dependence. Botanicals are combined with nutrients, and variable amounts of melatonin for nutritional support of sleep (Clinical Sleep™).

Recent research shows dangers of OTC or prescription sleeping pills. Sleep deprivation exacerbates symptoms of menopause or PMS, and it interferes with weight control or blood sugar control in diabetics. Sleep deprivation promotes metabolic changes similar to those associated with Metabolic Syndrome X.

The media and scientific literature are focused on the causes and consequences of the global epidemic of sleeplessness. While the average sleep deprivation syndrome of listlessness, fatigue and poor cognition is clinically obvious, there are many occult biomedical consequences of sleeplessness. These less obvious consequences of sleeplessness have “come to light” in recent research.

Without restful sleep health cannot prevail. Sleep deprivation in healthy individual’s results in metabolic changes that are reminiscent of prediabetes and the metabolic syndrome X. Nocturnal eating disorders with the propagation of weight gain and poor control of diabetes mellititus are unobtrusive consequences of sleep deprivation. Without restoring the biorhythm of sleep, symptoms of menopause or PMS cannot be effectively managed. Sleeplessness is associated with impairment of immune function.

Patients may not address their sleep problems spontaneously during a clinical consultation. Comprehensive holistic care must involve an in depth assessment of altered biorhythms with special reference to sleep disorders. Healthcare givers are uncovering many onerous side effects of prescription sleeping drugs. Short-acting hypnotic drugs have been made “prolonged acting” e.g. Ambien CR and class-action law suits have been filed against the manufacturers of these drugs for side effects, such as weight gain, aberrant behavior and protracted “zombie-like” symptoms.

Sleep involves a complex cascade of physiological events including: postural changes, altered eye movements, change in EEG profiles and altered bioelectrical events that occur in cycles or sleep stages. The complex cascade of sleep may be best managed by lifestyle change with the first-line option of nutritional support for sleep. Several herbs, nutrients and the natural sleep hormone melatonin are combined in the product Clinical Sleep™. The multiple components of this formula may assist in reducing tolerance and dependence. Clinical Sleep™ has been used in millions of unit dosages with no significant reports of adverse effects or hangover. Clinical Sleep™ contains: a proprietary blend of Valerian Root, Chamomile Flower, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm, Skullcap Whole, Catnip Whole, Hops Whole, Ashwagandha Root, Magnesium (Oxide /Chelate), 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), Niacin, Melatonin (1 or 2 mg), Vitamin B6(Pyridoxine) and Folic Acid.


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