The Definitive Guide to Colon Hydrotherapy



The Definitive Guide to Colon Hydrotherapy

This book is a must read for all hydrotherapists and individuals who are interested in Alternative and Complementary Gastroenterology.

This book provides basic academic knowledge that all hydrotherapists should possess.

– Dorothy Chandler,
Past President,
Chicago, Illinois.


This book carries the worthy title of “The Definitive Guide to Hydrotherapy.” While Dr. Holt has written this book for practitioners of colon hydrotherapy and their ancillary staff, this book should be of great interest to healthcare consumers and healthcare givers of all disciplines. There is no doubt that this book is comprehensive in its approach; and Dr. Holt has been careful to separate out his personal recommendations from those of other organizations or regulatory agencies. For example, Dr. Holt feels strongly that colon hydrotherapists should have a good working knowledge of diseases of the colon so that they can identify individuals who present contraindications to colonic irrigation. Regulatory authorities do not generally encourage any involvement of nonphysician: hydrotherapists in colonic or general disease diagnosis, prevention or management.

– Russell Kolbo,
Past President,

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