The Soy Revolution II – The Soy Renaissance



The Soy Revolution II – The Soy Renaissance

This book is the sequel to the industry best-selling book the slave revolution 1989 published originally by M. Evans  Company, New York and subsequently transitioned into paperback by Dell Publishing, Random House in the year 2000. On the one hand, the revolution of the increasing incorporation of soy into Western diets continues but we have seen a clear and established role for solely in the diet. Thus, the slave revolution II is a transition to the Soleil Renaissance.

The reader will learn about the health values of soy incorporated into the diet which has been overshadowed somewhat by the use of the genetically modified soybeans. This and other controversies are discussed with a certain degree of rebuttal. Soy remains a treasure chest of vital components with far-reaching health benefits and it makes ecological sense as recommendation move towards plant protein for health.

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