Topical Pain Management



Topical Pain Management

This monograph is a very useful guide for all practicing physicians. It provides a contemporary review of how many different pain medications can be used in the effective induction of topical analgesia. Dr. Holt is an internationally acclaimed expert in Integrative Medicine, and he makes valuable contributions to the important subject of topical pain control.

In this overview, the author teaches us that customized options for pain medication provides alternative dosages in topical forms. These medications can be applied directly to the area to be treated. The use of combined formulae may permit the use of medications in localized topical dosage forms with enhanced safety. Synergistic formulations result in an ability to reduce dosages or applied beneficial strength variations.

To further summarize matters, one can refer to the relative advantages of topical pain control. Topical vs. oral benefits include the following:

  • Reduction side effects
  • Lack of gastrointestinal side effects
  • Fewer systemic side effects.
  • Localized relief of pain and inflammation.
  • Dose reductions.
  • Reduced addictive potential.
  • Increased adherence/patient compliance.

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