Sex Naturally:
A Dietary Supplement Approach to Health

By Dr. Stephen Holt, MD

There are several dietary supplements, which may act favorably on the sexual response cycle. Good cardiovascular function is a key factor for good sexual function. Positive lifestyle changes and good nutrition can help male and female sexual function.

L-Arginine has been proposed as a component of nutritional supplements that represent a gradual, simple, gentle, and natural approach to supporting cardiovascular health and blood flow. L-Arginine has been proposed as nutritional support for sexual function in both men and women. This nutrient is a precursor of nitric oxide (NO) in the body and, as such, provides nutritional support to generate chemicals that relax smooth muscle. This process of relaxation of smooth muscles initiates and maintains sexual function.

Most important, in the use of L-Arginine as a natural approach to correct sexual dysfunction associated with aging is the knowledge that L-Arginine is beneficial for cardiovascular health.

I propose the combination of L-Arginine in a loading dose of at least 3 grams per day with the variable addition of standardized extracts of Ginkgo biloba (24% extract), Tribulus terrestris (40% extract), Maca root (0.6% extract), Panax ginseng (5% extract), Muira puama (variable strength) together with niacin in variable amounts. This combination is the basis of a dietary supplement called Sex Naturally™. These proposals represent the evolution of my work on the study of the evidence base that exists to support the use of natural agents in the nutritional support of sexual function.

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