Beauty from Within the Body: Skin and Hair Support

Many cosmetics are merely “beauty band-aids”. The skin is the largest organ of the body and its appearance is a reflection of inner health. This is the concept of beauty from “within” rather than from “without.” Dermatologists, estheticians and cosmetologists are becoming very focused on inner beauty supported by good nutrition.

Modern cosmetologists have started to finally recognize the power of dietary supplements to support skin health. There are scientific, nutritional concepts that can be used in dietary supplements for the ultimate care of the skin . Cosmetics can hide a lot, but continuing to smoke, worshipping the sun and the adoption of a poor diet are the enemies of beautiful skin. Ordering fast food during a “cosmetic pampering” at a spa destroys the whole essence of a quest for skin, hair and nail beauty.

Skin, nail and hair care are among the most important cosmetic issues for everyone. Anyone can “slap” cosmetics or other topical beauty aids on their skin and hair and get a temporary beneficial effect, but the appearance of the skin and hair is a complete reflection of inner health. Antioxidant compounds have found a great role in topical products but antioxidants are most effective when given in the correct formulation by mouth as a dietary supplement. Dietary supplements of particular value in the support of skin, nail and hair structures include substances that will help build skin-supporting tissues that contain collagen, natural agents and antioxidants. The next time you visit an esthetician, attend a day spa or plan your home beauty program, think carefully about the “origin” of beauty from within the body.

Reference: Holt S., Healthcare Naturally, Wellness Publishing, NJ, 2006

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